What makes you feel free?

Share your freedom moment to create a Freedom Mosaic with your peers and we will donate $10 for each uploaded photo on your behalf.

Share it on social media with the hashtag #FreedomToCreate and we will double the donation.

How it

Upload a photo
showing the whole world what freedom means to you – places, emotions, activities, anything that inspires you to feel free!
Get a printed postcard
shipped to your address. We will print out your freedom photo and send it to you as a postcard to a selected address.
Share the mosaic
on social media. Encourage your team, friends and peers to join the #FreedomToCreate movement
FEB 8, 2022


Join us for an inspiring one-hour digital event Freedom Release featuring the most powerful version of the platform and the new Creatio identity
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Got it
Thank you!
Your photo has been successfully added to the “Freedom to Create” digital mosaic.
Creatio will donate $10 to charity for each photo.

Encourage your team, friends and peers to join the charity initiative and we will double the donation!
To do so, please share the mosaic in social media with the #FreedomToCreate hashtag: